How to Care for Your Cashmere

by Gillian O'Sullivan on June 09, 2022

At Kenmare Cashmere we want you to enjoy your beautiful cashmere piece for many years to come. We are always advising our customers on the right way to care for their cashmere therefore enhancing it's longevity and life-span. Here are our top tips on how to care for your cashmere...


Washing your cashmere - Take it handy!

At Kenmare Cashmere we will always recommend hand washing your cashmere items. Sometimes people can be tempted to use the hand wash cycle on the machine however, although a gentle wash, the drum can still risk damaging the cashmere fibres so we advise against this. 

Turn your cashmere garment inside out before washing, as this can reduce the amount of friction the outer surface of the garment experiences. 

In a basin or sink, add a few drops of a delicate shampoo (we love Johnsons baby shampoo) or a dash of Woolite® to cool water. Soak your cashmere and gently manoeuvre it within the water. Try not the pull, stretch or wring the garment. Remember, this is a gentle process and should not be rushed!

*Never scrub or twist your cashmere - this can break the fibres and cause damage.


Drying Your Cashmere - Easy does it!

The best way to dry your cashmere is to lie it flat on a towel and remove excess water by rolling it up and gently pressing it. Once you have done this, remove it from the towel and lay fat on a drying rack away from direct contact with heat such as a radiator. 

Never hang your cashmere on a hanger to dry, as it can stretch with the weight of the water and cause the garment to become disfigured and saggy.

We would highly advise against drying your cashmere in a tumble dryer. it most likely will shrink the fibres and cause irreversible damage to your garment.

De-Pilling - keep those fuzzy balls at bay!

Pilling is a natural characteristic of cashmere wool and is completely normal.  Keep your cashmere looking fresh using a Kenmare Cashmere de-pilling comb and remember to only stroke and de-pill in one direction otherwise you could damage the garment.

NEVER try de-pilling a wet or dirty garment. 


Storing and Protecting Your Cashmere - Moths will destroy cashmere!

Moths love feeding on natural fibres and that included cashmere so we cant stress enough the importance of storing your cashmere correctly and helping you avoid the disappointed of finding a hole created by as moth in your cashmere garment. 

Before you store your cashmere away we do recommend washing it as any skin cells, food, perfume or lotions can attract moths. 

We would also insist that you store your cashmere in a cotton or breathable sealed bag so it remains clean and dust free to prevent moth infestations.

Cedar balls and anti-moth sachets are also a good idea to use where you store your cashmere but they are a preventative and definitely not likely to work if moths are already actively infesting the home.

You should also air out your stored cashmere from time to time to make sure clothes moths haven’t had a chance to make themselves at home in the folds of your precious pieces.



Follow these simple steps and you will keep your cashmere looking beautiful for years and years to come. 


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