Caring For Your Cashmere

All Kenmare Cashmere garments are of the highest quality and treated with good care will last for years to come.

Cashmere fibers are a lot more breathable than any synthetic fibers and because of it's natural anti-bacterial properties, one doesn't have to wash it every time you wear it. Air out your cashmere garments between wears.


Washing Your Cashmere

When washing your cashmere, soak your cashmere in the bathroom sink, we advise to use cool water and not too much detergent. A little bit of Woolite or baby shampoo works wonders. Take care while hand washing, try not to rub, wring or stretch the garment. Use a towel to gently press the cashmere to get the water out. Lay it out flat to dry on a towel. 

You can also put your cashmere in a pillowcase (with a hair bobble to keep it inside) on a very gentle spin to get the heavy water out.

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